What are Monks?

The M.O.N.K.S. are Men of Nurturing Knightly Spirit

Who are the MONKS?

The MONKS are the Temecula United Methodist’s men’s group. If you are a man and a church member you are automatically a MONK. No registration fees, dues or funny costumes are required. All you have to do is just show up at the monthly Saturday breakfast meeting and enjoy.

Saturday breakfast meetings are held the 2nd Saturday of every month at 8:00 AM.

We take a collection at the MONKS breakfast that goes to Project TOUCH. By the way, women are always welcome to our monthly Saturday breakfast. And, breakfast is always a treat – the guys are really good cooks. You need to come just to experience Barry Adams Eggs Benedict.


Monthly Breakfast is Saturday, August 12th at Richie's Restaurant on Temecula Parkway in the Home Depot Shopping Center.

Programs and Projects

The MONKS are generous. We have several fundraisers during the year.  The annual Spaghetti Dinner raises $3300 for the Food Pantry and Project Touch.

Among the most notable events is the “Birdies for Bread” golf tournament which, is hosted jointly with Saint Catherine’s Catholic Church in Temecula. Year after year, the net proceeds are donated to the local food pantry. Since 2007, $68,573.14 has been donated to the food pantry from the tournament proceeds.

  •  Project TOUCH is another project the MONKS support. Donations to Project TOUCH are primarily funded by the MONKS annual spaghetti dinner.  Project Touch residents are our guests at the Spaghetti Dinner as well as others in need in the community.    Other support to TOUCH has been providing meals to the TOUCH residents – home cooked meals by the guys.
  • We also provide financial support for our own churches internal needs.
  • Our church Meditation Garden is partially financed by the sale of Garden Calendars and spaghetti dinner proceeds. In 2012 the MONKS raised over $1800 for the on-going maintenance of the garden.

In addition to the listed programs and projects we support the following Church activities;

  • Sierra Service Project (“SSP”) for the youth.
  • Vacation Bible School (VBS).
  • The church mortgage fund. Financial assistance for the printing and distribution of bibles translated into Vietnamese by Bao Dang.
  • Health Kits for Border Ministry.


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